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Types of Chiropractic Treatment

After you have been examined and provided with an explanation for your complaint, your chiropractor will either refer you to another specialist or, more likely, treat you then and there. Here we take a look at what types of treatment chiropractors use and how they work.


The term manipulation is synonymous with adjustment. Manipulation describes a short and very rapid stretch of a joint. Sometimes this results in a pop or click, although this noise has no bearing on the outcome of manipulation.

Although very sudden movements, patients should not experience any pain when receiving an adjustment.

Manipulation has a range of physiological effects that range from physical mobilisation of a joint through to complex neurological changes within the brain.


This describes a slower stretch of a joint than a manipulation. For this reason the impact on the nervous system is lower than with manipulation and this treatment method is therefore used in different situations, for example in early stage whiplash.

Mobilisation tends to consist of repeated movements and is useful if joints are restricted in more than one direction. Often joints are stretched further than with manipulation. Despite this, joints are less likely to click during mobilisation.

Acupuncture/Dry Needling

Acupuncture, sometimes called dry-needling, has good evidence supporting its use as an adjunctive treatment with manual therapy and exercise. It is most likely to be helpful in cases of chronic pain

More information on acupuncture can be found on our how acupuncture works page.


Different types of stretching are used at Worcester Chiropractic Clinic to inhibit and lengthen muscles. Stretching performed with a chiropractor can be made far more specific than at home. Stretches are varied in their intensity and duration for particular effect, and are often performed pre or post muscle contraction.

More information on stretching techniques will be posted here shortly.